Family owned and operated since 1947

Our History

With more than a 60 + year track record of keeping local and national businesses in touch, QTAS is a third generation family company. When Edward Reardon, Sr. founded the business in 1947, he never imagined that he was creating a legacy for his son, and eventually his granddaughters. Located in historic downtown Quincy, Massachusetts, QTAS has steadily grown from a one-man operation to a technologically sophisticated call center operation serving more than 500 clients.


Our Values

Exceptional customer care and service are not just buzzwords at QTAS. Everyone on our staff, from managers to call center agents, is highly trained, accessible, and responsive. Over the past six decades, we have earned a reputation for meeting customer needs, resolving customer concerns, and exceeding customer expectations. Always ready to take on new challenges, we’re proud to have had the opportunity to grow with our clients’ businesses and contribute to their success.

QTAS is affiliated with Association of Teleservices International (ATSI), Startel National Users Group (SNUG) and the South Shore Chamber of Commerce.

Average length of service for call center agents is 8 years.

Team Snug Startel National Users Group

Association of TeleServices International

South Shore Chamber of Commerce, Massachusetts


Our call center agents are here to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.