QTAS is proud to partner with over 500 businesses. They are local, national, and international companies with single or multiple offices, in a variety of industries. Their needs are diverse, but we serve each one using one guiding principle—their success is our success.

Read some of our client success stories:

Algonquin Heights, Plymouth MA

We utilize QTAS for our On-Call (after hours) service. This group has a wonderful staff to work with. Our calls are answered promptly and quickly distributed to our on-call staff member and we get accurate daily reports of all calls and events. With the assistance of our sales rep, Susan R, we have set up “Language Line” to help interpret calls for our non-English speaking tenants! Susan was able to walk us through the entire process and cross train our team at QTAS so that we can provide quality service after hours. Again – their staff is fantastic!

A Hohmann & Co., Inc.

QTAS has been fantastic with both our customers and our staff! All of the QTAS representatives are always very professional, friendly and courteous to our customers and our messages are delivered to our staff promptly. It’s a reassuring feeling knowing QTAS is answering our calls. Our customers are treated by QTAS with the same care as our company would treat our customers.

Lawn Doctor of the South Shore

“We have been using QTAS for almost 10 years now and would not trust our phone lines to anyone else. As a seasonal business, our phones go from being very slow in the winter to insanely busy in the spring and summer. The great people at QTAS have helped us to manage this problem and have helped us to better serve our customers. They use great technology to make sure we never miss a call and that all of the information is quickly forwarded to us. Just like our company, QTAS is a family owned and operated business. Susan, Cindy, and their staff are great to work with. They care and are always available to make sure our calls are handled properly. I highly recommend QTAS!

Teststripz, LLC.

We’ve used QTAS for years to handle our phone answering service needs. We will not be switching! Despite our unusual business model, QTAS has done an incredible job of adapting and maintaining the highest level of customer service. Whenever we have an issue or need to make changes, we review it with our Account Manager, Lisa, who is incredibly helpful and right on top of things. Sometimes before us!

I would highly recommend QTAS to any small business looking for great rapport, consistency, and customer service from their call center. They are a hug reason we have an A+ rating with the BBB and everyone on the team is smart and courteous!

Premier Property Solutions, LLC

The team at QTAS provides after hours service to PPS, responding to emergency calls from our residents and taking the appropriate action not only based upon our customized call Scripts, but converses with our residents professionally and courteous at all The team at QTAS helps triage problems and gets our clients connected with our managers quickly and efficiently. QTAS is more than an answering service. They are part of our communication network and keeps us connected to the right people at the right time so our vendors know what they are expected to accomplished and our clients are kept appraised of the progress. Premier Property Solutions has chosen QTAS as they meet our exceptional performance standards. QTAS is a great strategic partner that contributes to our success

Braintree Electric Light Department

We have utilized the services of QTAS for eight years making certain our customers can contact us 24/7 365 days a year. Courteous and reliable staff answer the phone representing themselves as our organization so that our customers are sure their call will be handled quickly and efficiently. Being in the electric utility business we can receive calls all hours of the day or night with customers in distress and to know the staff person on the other end of the phone will handle the call quickly with detailed notes and fast response is a comfortable feeling.

NextEon Com

NextEon Com is a creative website development company that designs, creates, hosts, and maintains client websites. For NextEon, QTAS’ Virtual Receptionist is the perfect solution. Our automated greeting program gives callers the option to leave a confidential message or speak with an agent. Emergency service requests, such as technical problems with websites or email, are immediately dispatched to the technician on call, and sales calls are routed directly to a NextEon representative.

Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio’s passion is bringing beautifully designed, simple-to-use, high quality audio products to consumers at a fair price. The company is known around the world for its fine table radios. For Tivoli, QTAS created a custom form for both order taking and capturing reason-for-call. We direct customer service and technical support calls and answer questions regarding products. We also take requests for brochures and refer callers to the nearest dealer.

Our call center agents are here to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.